My kitchen is my happy place šŸ™‚

From baking Christmas cookies with my mom for our friends and neighbors as a kid to observing and listeningĀ intently as my elderly neighbor, Miss Muriel, taught me to make homemade pasta, cheesecake and perfectly paper thin sugar cookies, I’ve always loved being in the kitchen.

RD Chopping Apple

Photo credit: Laura Toraldo Photography

The food I prepare today is different than what I used to make, but I’mĀ stillĀ committed to making sure it tastes good and nourishes me.

I enjoy making meals that are rich in nutrients, use unprocessed or minimally processed ingredients, and featureĀ seasonal, local ingredientsĀ (especially plants!). Though I don’t follow a particular “diet,” I do take a plant-powered focus, and all of my recipes are gluten-free and dairy-free because of what I’ve learned makes my body feel its best.

My goal is to make nourishing food taste delicious and to invite you to open your mind and your taste buds to trying new things – to get curious about food, ingredients, and what your body likes and dislikes. As a formerly picky eater, I know how hard it can be to take that step, but it has been worth it more times than not for me, so give it a try!

Check out my Pinterest boards for hundreds of recipe ideas and additional health tips or use the list below for links to all of the recipes I have posted on the blog.


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