My husband, Bill, is a die-hard Packers fan and, being from Baltimore, I’m a Ravens fan.

My hubby and his friend Josh after the Packers won the 2010 Super Bowl. My sister, Jane, and I celebrating after the Ravens won in 2012.

My hubby and his friend Josh after the Packers won the 2010 Super Bowl. My sister, Jane, and I celebrating after the Ravens won in 2012.

As you might imagine, given the outcomes of the recent playoff games,Ā neither of us is all thatĀ excited for this year’s Super Bowl matchup.

Sure, we’ll watch it with friends and hope for a good game and some funny commercials, but it won’t be the same as if one of our teams had made it to the big game.

Even though the excitement for the game isn’t there, Super Bowl parties always mean FOOD, so here I am with some recipes for you!

I pulled together my favorite dips, snacks and potluck-style dishes that areĀ great upgrades to typical Super Bowl party food. They’re crowd-pleasingĀ AND nourishing šŸ™‚

super bowl snacks

Like everything on this blog, all of these recipes are dairy-free and gluten-freeĀ ANDĀ get a big thumbs up from Bill, family and friends!

Creamy Queso DipĀ – A friend of ours FROM WISCONSIN liked this “cheeze” dip…even though it doesn’t contain any dairy! If someone from Wisconsin likes a non-cheeseĀ cheeze dip, then I think it’s safe to say anyone will.

Protein-Packed Pumpkin Spice DipĀ – This recipe is so good it was selected to be in an ebook this winter! I love the taste of pumpkin, and even though it’s winter and not fall, I’m still a big fan of this dip and think your friends will be, too. Serve it with sliced apples or pears and you’re good to go.

Raw Caramel Apple DipĀ – This is my go-to dip to bring to most parties. People love it and are always surprised to find out the ingredients. It’s silky, sweet and slightly salty…and is made from only 5 ingredients!

Elevate Your Tailgate Buffalo HummusĀ – I showed my coworkers how to make this at a cooking class this fall, and they loved it! If you’re looking to upgrade your buffalo chicken dip, try this healthier version instead šŸ™‚

Taste the Rainbow Super Food SaladĀ – You can keep this one simple and just use the basic ingredients (dressing + kale + shredded carrots + pumpkin seeds), or you can add all the other stuff. When I bring this salad to a party, I always get requests for the recipe afterwards.

MYO Chipotle-Style Bean Burrito BowlĀ – When I teach my How to Eat Healthy Without Going Broke workshop, I always serve this dish, and people rave about it. In one class, someone even said, “I don’t like black beans or avocado…but I loved this.” It’s a great potluck-style option to bring – double the recipe for a crowd!

Basil-Walnut Pesto Sauce with Cucumber SlicesĀ – People DEVOUR these. I first made them for my anti-inflammatory cooking class in the fall and then brought them to a Christmas party. They were gone within an hour. Trust me on this one – these will be a hit.

Paleo Pecan Pie PoppersĀ – I whip these up as a convenient “on the go” snack and love the combo of crunchy, chewy, sweet and salty. These may not be the most conventional appetizer choice, but think of them as a healthier and sweeter version of a “popper.”

Green Goddess GuacamoleĀ – Guacamole is pretty much one of the best things ever, isn’t it? I didn’t even try it until I was in my mid-20s because I thought it was made with mayonnaise, which I’veĀ never liked. Turns out, it’s amazingly delicious šŸ™‚ Whether you make this recipe or one of your own, guacamole is a great healthy dip that’s full of healthy, beauty-boosting and energizing fats.

And last but not least,Ā there’s always crock potĀ chili – aĀ great option to bring to any party or potluck. Serve with a dollop of guacamole or some diced avocadoĀ šŸ™‚

chili 2