One of the questions I’m often asked is, “What are some ideas for quick, easy and healthy dinners my whole family will like?”

Bill and I cook dinner for ourselves most nights of the week, and despite the fact that we love to cook and enjoy being in the kitchen, we value quick and easy meals, too.

This meal comes together in under 30 minutes!

What I like most about this meal is that all of the ingredients are familiar. Sometimes when we start “eating healthy,” we mistakenly think¬†all of the food is going to be “weird,” and we¬†struggle to believe our¬†family will eat it.

Not so with this dish.

The onions brown and caramelize beautifully, which enhances their flavor, the chicken is tender, and the broccoli is perfectly cooked and still bright green (overcooked army green broccoli doesn’t look or taste appetizing!).

We served this alongside a hearty greens salad with arugula, shredded carrots, and toasted pumpkin seeds.




  1. Season chicken strips with pepper.
  2. In a large skillet, cook chicken and onion in the oil over medium heat until the chicken is done, about 8-10 minutes.
  3. Stir in garlic, thyme, red pepper flakes, sea salt, broccoli, and lemon juice. Cook, covered, 7-10 minutes. Ours was done in 7 ūüôā