Back in February, I was printing business cards in preparation for¬†a presentation at a women’s retreat.

I checked Facebook and saw that my Facebook page for Rachel’s Nourishing Kitchen had a new “Like” from the Institute for Integrative Health.¬†

“That sounds like a neat¬†place,” I thought to myself as I clicked on their map to see where they were located.

Imagine my surprise when I found out they are right here in Baltimore!

In addition to being a beacon of hope for health care and focusing on integrative and holistic health, the Institute offers a variety of free and fee-based programs throughout the year to spread the message of hope, health and happiness to the community.

I’m so excited¬†to be partnering with them¬†and one of their nutrition gurus, Dr. Chris D’Adamo, to teach a fun¬†workshop called “Sweet Confessions” on Thursday, July 23rd at their center on¬†Fleet Street in Baltimore.


Before the talk, there will be a Healthy Happy Hour featuring yoga mini-sessions, raffles, and special discounts along with¬†complimentary drinks¬†and snacks from B’More Organic,¬†Helene’s Kitchen,¬†Jinji¬†Chocolates,¬†KIND, Mamma Chia, and yours truly,¬†Rachel‚Äôs Nourishing Kitchen. ūüôā

During the talk, Dr. D’Adamo and I will¬†be sharing what we’ve learned in a way that is fun, engaging and refreshing. We’ll help clear up all of the confusion and give you the scoop on everything from agave to xylitol!

I’ve had my own challenges with sugar over the years (I’ve always had a sweet tooth!) but¬†have learned how to make the best choices for sweeteners for my body without guilt or judgment.

I’ve also learned how to prepare delicious sweet treats using real,¬†whole foods instead of refined sugar and flour and will have some¬†of them to sample during the Healthy Happy Hour!

The event is *FREE* but space is limited, so make sure you register here as soon as possible.

I hope to see many of you there! ūüôā