The Easiest Chocolate Chip Cookies You'll Ever Make (Gluten-Free, Too!)


Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies?

I have lots of memories baking with my mom as a kid and eating gobs of Nestle Tollhouse cookie dough by the spoonful with my brother.

When I found today’s recipe and saw how simple itĀ was (and how basic the ingredients were!), I had to give it a try. I welcomed the addition of peanut butter into the mix because peanut butter makes just about everything taste even better šŸ™‚

The doughĀ isĀ free of refined white sugar, the usual 2 sticks of butter,Ā and white flour in a traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe, but make no mistake, even without those ingredients, these cookies areĀ DELICIOUS, andĀ I bet youĀ already have ALL of the ingredients in your pantry!

I gave aĀ fresh just-out-of-the-oven cookie to Bill, and he took one bite, gave me a look that saidĀ “holy cow these are awesome” and then proceeded to finish off the rest of cookie in a singleĀ bite! We will be making these simple cookies again and again, and I guarantee you (and your kids) will love them.

Gluten-FreeĀ Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies


Servings: Our batch made about 18 cookies


1 cup creamy peanut butter, unsalted (preferably organic)
1/3 cup honey or maple syrup (we used honey)
1 whole egg, orĀ a flax egg
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
3/4 tsp vanilla extract* (I added this ingredient to the original recipe)
1/2 cup dark chocolate chips (We use Enjoy Life dark chocolateĀ morselsĀ since they are free of dairy, gluten, and soy and contain only 2 ingredients)

*As you’ll see where I starredĀ above, I added about 3/4 tsp of vanilla extract (what cookie is complete without vanilla?!), and I think that helped to further enhance the flavor. Click here for the full recipe from The Detoxinista!



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  1. Sharon

    These are so good! I made a batch over the weekend (I got 21 out of mine) and they are almost gone. That’s the problem for me – I have such a sweet tooth! I forgot the vanilla once I clicked over to the Detoxinista’s website and didn’t have the words staring me in the face, but still loved these. They are so soft & chewy!

    • Awesome, Sharon! So glad you liked them šŸ™‚ Yeah, the vanilla definitely makes a difference in the overall flavor. I always make sure to put vanilla in my cookies! Thanks for the feedback!

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